Tips for your small business

Make sure you have a good brand image

Having a good brand image is crucial for the successful development of a company. If you want to make yourself known (and especially recognize), you must rely on a solid branding, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on it! Create a (free) logo, then start creating your business cards, promotional items, banners, etc. Make sure that everything is well coordinated, that you use the same spirit, the same (or complementary) colors and fonts.

Create striking visuals

Your visual will be important. Whether it is for your business cards, your website, or your content on social networks, it must be powerful and do some of the marketing work for you. People remember an ad they saw a few weeks ago if they were marked by this ad, it’s called neuromarketing. Keep this in mind when creating your content, and make sure you stay on the same page throughout the creation.

Build customer loyalty with a newsletter

What a great way to build customer loyalty, to send them a newsletter informing them of your news, your blog posts and remind them that you still exist!

Be present in the community

A presence in your community will greatly increase your visibility. Support a cause that is important to you, sponsor a local cause or create a fundraising event for someone who needs it. All means are good, and you will have a positive image in your community!

Conduct a competitive intelligence

Have you ever heard of competitive intelligence? Its purpose is to seek, analyze and exploit information relating to its company, its competitors and its sector of activity, with the aim of increasing its productivity and competitiveness. It can be very effective, especially in a world where changes and developments are constant and progressive.

Use social platforms

Do we really need to talk to you about the importance of registering your company on the many social networks? Take care to choose carefully which ones you want to appear on, and then maintain them well. Remember that many will use it as a support for their technical questions. Answer all your clients’ questions and suggestions and communicate with original, powerful and interesting content.

Set up a reward system

Your satisfied customers will be the best ambassadors for your brand, and you must reward the most loyal! There are several types of reward systems of this kind, whether it is sponsorship, e.g., offering a discount every time one customer refers you to another, or offering your customers discounts or gifts after X numbers of purchases. Be careful: only offer gifts/discounts that are proportional to expenses. You want to build customer loyalty, but you don’t want to lose too much money in the process.

Don’t underestimate the power of advertising

Sometimes you have to spend a little money before you earn any. Advertising is undergoing an incredible evolution: before there was radio, television and newsprint, today we find most ads on the Internet and social networks. Plan a budget for various advertisements, for example, AdWords or Facebook, that will make it easier for you to reach target audiences.

Surround yourself with people who will help your business grow

When you are a small business, it is even more important to know how to surround yourself with complementary and versatile people. Hire people you trust, who are positive and who reflect a good image for the company. Also create partnerships that will be constructive for the development of your company.

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