Learning Digital Photography

Yes, digital photography is dead in water if the “photo” is taken from digital photography. As the brownie box of Kodak’s camera and their Instamatic brought photography to the masses in the 20th century, so the digital camera did the same in the 21st. But when the “ability to take innovative pictures” disappears, the lack of skills will push the digital camera into the hobby drawer.

In management science there is a principle that says that in business people are promoted to the level of their own incompetence and not further. It is called the “Peter’s Principle” formulated by Dr. Laurence J. Peter in his book of the same title. After this period of stagnation and the ability to move only sideways. This also applies to photography. As soon as you reach your level of incompetence or maximum ability, you sit down. At this point the interest decreases and camera accidents are less frequent. In other words, another death of digital photography.

There will always be hard-headed in any field who will continue to practice to the level of their incompetence, but the average Joe who used to be excited about digital photography is no longer. The enthusiast lost his enthusiasm.

So what is the answer to this problem? Focusing attention, as in any hobby or entertainment, is a continuous learning process. In the business world, we call it upgrading qualifications. Adding competences and qualifications to an existing tool bag will make you move up the promotion ladder. The same applies to photography. Learning is a necessity.

Most of us are at some stage unhappy with our photos. They don’t quite look like those in glossy magazines and daily newspapers. What is that they have the rest, isn’t it? They got to know the techniques and disciplines of photography and applied them during their constant journey to wonderful photographs.

A hobby, like any plant or animal, must be nurtured if it is to show any signs of growth. Buying a digital camera, the sole purpose of which is to take pictures without the high cost of film, in most cases leads to the death of digital photography. If your digital photography continues to grow, it will need three key components:


Like everything that is valuable in life is a key component of his success. If you don’t take the time to invest in any venture, you’re likely to collect an equivalent reward. Rubbish in rubbish. There is no pain, no profit, as the old saying goes. There is no immediate photography.


Unless you are a hobby or entertainment enthusiast, it is inevitable that over time it will gradually decrease and eventually land. I speak from experience. Developing your passion is essential for development. Passion is the fuel that ignites your hobby.


Some are born with natural abilities, but for most of us we have to work on that. Practice makes it perfect. If you don’t have the ability, get it in any way you can legally obtain it. Acquiring skills is a process and for many of us, a journey of discovery. Something we need to work on.


Take one of these three points from digital photography and its fall is on the right track. But the key point is photography. Learning photography and acquiring creative photographic skills will nurture digital photography and keep it alive.

Photography is not managed by the medium it uses, whether digital, film, pinhole or polaroid. Photography is independent and independent of tools and media. As in the case of beauty, it is in the eyes of the viewer. It is not in the box, in the camera or in the digital sensor. Its results can be seen on a computer, T-shirt or magazine.

Digital photography is the answer to the needs of photography due to its ease of use, distribution methods and costs. But a photo from digital photography, and this will cause the death of digital photography.

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