How to relax on holiday?

The question may seem banal, but in reality, holidays are not always equal to leisure.

We are waiting for the desired holidays all year round. Work, duties, fatigue – all this should finally disappear and we intend to enjoy the sun and peace. Meanwhile, it turns out that we are coming back from our dream vacation even more tired than we were. How is it possible? It is worth considering what mistakes we make on vacation through which we do not manage to rest in order to avoid them in the future.

A place for holidays

First of all, you should think about the place to which we go on holiday and the way of spending time. We often suggest opinions of others or advertisements too strongly. Meanwhile, it should be a well-thought-out decision that meets our real expectations. If all our friends go diving in Egypt, it does not mean that it must suit us too. And even if we liked it last year, maybe something has changed and we feel like something else?


If you decide to go on a holiday full of excursions and sightseeing, remember that it is not only interesting monuments and beautiful places. It is also long hours spent on moving, often whole days spent on the bus. Beautiful moments are often bought by long waiting in queues. It is noisy, crowded, many kilometers have to be covered on foot. The places we want to visit are certainly worth it, but we must not forget about the moments of relaxation and tranquility.


On the other side of the holiday pole, we have a hotel and a proverbial rest under the palm tree. Lack of duties, comfortable loungers and full of luxury make you lazy. Many days may pass unnoticed on doing nothing. However, this can be deceptive, because for a harmonious rest it is also necessary to move. It is necessary to remember this and find a few moments for physical activity. This can be swimming in the pool, a long evening walk along the seashore or morning yoga activities. It is important to move around.


Eating on holiday is a river theme. They are often one of the most important elements of holidays. Local restaurants are tempting with delicacies, we have the opportunity to try many unknown and delicious dishes. It is hard to resist this, especially if we spend our holidays in an all-inclusive hotel. Undoubtedly it is necessary to use it, however, it is necessary to keep everything in moderation. Excessively overeating can result not only in extra pounds brought from holidays but also in a disturbed metabolism, which certainly does not promote regeneration.


One of the most important elements of relaxation is sleep. During the year we often do not have enough time to get a good night’s sleep. Holidays are a time when it is possible to make up for it. In practice, however, it turns out that we often sleep less than at home. Intense days full of sightseeing and early awakening and in the evenings tempting nightlife of resorts. All this means that instead of recharging the batteries on holiday, our body is still running at full capacity. If you feel tired, try to plan your holiday in such a way as to find time for the right amount of sleep, and this will surely translate into the comfort of rest.


A holiday is an opportunity for many people to finally enjoy the sun they want. We throw ourselves into the whirlpool of sunbathing, enjoying the warmth and waiting for the tan of our dreams. However, the sun is very dangerous. Sunburn and even strokes are not only dangerous to health but can effectively spoil every holiday. Remember about creams with a high filter and headgear, not only on the beach but also during optional trips. Avoid sunbathing in the sharpest sunshine at noon. Elderly people and children should always choose places in the shade. If you have a whole day outdoors, choose airy and bright clothes that cover your body. Following this advice, we will avoid the destructive effect of overdosing the sun.

Surrounding area

If you plan to relax on holiday, it is necessary to find out in which area is the hotel to which you are going. It may turn out that right outside our window there is a busy street and from the pale dawn we will be woken up by passing cars. A loud disco in the neighborhood is also not the best idea for a peaceful holiday.


What we mainly want to escape from on holiday is the stress of everyday life. For many people, this is the only time of the year when they can cut themselves off from the world and relax. So let’s give ourselves the greatest luxury and try to relax and unwind. Instead of a phone call to a living person, instead of browsing the Internet, let’s read a good book that we haven’t had time for before. Or maybe you just need a beautiful view of the sea and silence? You don’t always have to do something. Relaxation is also art, and the upcoming holidays are a great opportunity to learn it.

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