Home education of toddlers

There is already a large group of parents, who have taken up this form of education of their children. I know that not everyone has the opportunity because work does not allow it, or simply there is not enough time.

However, I have always believed that it is difficult for a person who wants nothing difficult. Many times in my life, different situations have shown me that it is possible. Anyway, why do I want to join these parents? Home education? For two reasons:

I am against sending six-year-olds to unprepared schools, full of inadequately educated teachers. Compared to Western countries, where six-year-olds and even four-year-olds are the norms at school. However, living there for several years, I have seen schools equipped with the right equipment and furniture and properly prepared teachers, but for that I need money. Unfortunately, our government prefers to spend money on a bunch of officials rather than on children.

Returning to schools and their equipment and methods of education, which reflect the preparation of educators, let me explain why I have mixed feelings about this education. I know that studying is not a primary school, but already at this level kids are really very targeted, as every individual, for example, they cope better with mathematics, but they have problems with spelling or geography. Such pigeonholing of a small child does not seem to me to be a good solution, because what if it changes its mind, will it want to be someone else? And this ubiquitous pathology of young people, both in bigger and smaller cities.

Children have ‘somewhere’ parents, and they forget about values or good upbringing. To sum up, I don’t know if it’s the fault of early childhood education or separation from the family, but in my opinion, both factors are partly to blame for breaking the bond, family collapse and neglect of moral values.

My education was not perfect, but it was a hundred times better than what is now happening in schools. Where creativity and individualism are shameful. This system is ideal for power, where society learns to think like ‘it’ from a very young age. Is it ideal for a free person, please answer this question yourself?

Home education

Concerns about home education do exist, most of which are related to the socialization of toddlers, but by reading the adventures of parents who sit in home education after their ears, they can be avoided. After all, there are extra activities, youth palaces and other places where children can meet and make acquaintances and first friendships. In addition, today’s children spend a lot of time at school, then in front of a computer or TV and the question arises whether these children are actually socializing as we used to?

Home education

As many of you have probably already guessed, from tomorrow I am starting to create materials, because I cannot afford to buy the original equipment. Slowly to the goal. If you have other interesting links or ideas for materials, mention them in comments, certainly many people will use them.

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