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Are You Zippable?

Dagaz Acres welcomes people of all sorts to come and experience a zip line adventure. And, while children, grandparents, couch potatoes and tri-athletes have all successfully soared through the treetops, there are a few minimal abilities that you need to ensure a great time. Take the following quiz and find out if you’re ready to join us for a great day of outdoor adventure:


Are you reasonably fit and in good health? 
The zipline course requires walking on unpaved trails with varied inclines (a 15% grade at most, similar to climbing a flight of stairs)

Do you have average strength and mobility?
You will be required to control your speed by grasping the zip line cable while wearing leather gloves. You may also need to pull yourself along the cable for a few feet if you lose too much speed before reaching the landing platform. (All zip line skills will be taught prior to your actual tour).

Can you run or walk moderately fast for a few feet?
Some of our ziplines require a little takeoff boost!

Is your hearing and eyesight adequate?
Each participant must be able to hear verbal directions and to see a person from at least 60 feet away.

Do you weigh between 30 and 250 lbs?
This weight range can generally be safely accommodated by our zipline harnesses. You must also be able to wear a helmet and gloves.

Is your waist no larger than 42 inches?
You must be able to comfortably fit into a 42" harness (at the waist).

Are you more than 7 years old?
We love kids of all ages but safety comes first!

Are you between the ages of 7 and 15?
Anyone less than 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Are you comfortable with less than ideal weather?
Here in southern Indiana the temperature can hit the mid-90’s with 90% humidity – but if you can handle it, come and catch the breeze on a zipline!

Have you been drinking? 
Anyone under the influence of alcohol or any drugs, legal or otherwise, that impairs their ability to safety execute the course safety requirements will not be allowed to participate.

Are you pregnant? 
If no, welcome; if yes, please come visit us after the joyous event!

Do you have any serious health condition? 
Contact your doctor if you are unsure about participating in this activity. Dagaz Acres reserves the right to exclude anyone from participation for medical, safety or other reasons deemed not conducive to a safe zipline experience.

Here at Dagaz Acres, we want everyone to have a fantastic time. Safety and fun go hand and hand; therefore, we do reserve the right to make exceptions on any requirements to include or exclude a participant. We welcome your call to discuss any concern you may have about your participation.  Hope to see you soon!

Call us if you have questions about your eligibility to Zip Line: 812-594-2727

Location and Hours


Zipline Course
Open March 1st - November 2nd
Check reservations for specific
days and times.

If you have a group of 10 or more, please click the contact button and let us know or call the office to schedule

Leadership Center
Tailored to your needs!
Call to schedule

12444 Antioch Rd
Rising Sun, Indiana 47040

GPS coordinates:
N 38* 51' 52.3584"
W -84* 53' 15.147"


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Dagaz Acres is a member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology - ACCT
Dagaz Acres Zipline Adventure is a member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

Family Fun

Zipline Adventures is fun for the whole family!

We have never done anything like this before as a family – Beautiful experience!

Anne, Ellie, Abby, Chris Vondergraf, Alexandria, KY

What to Bring

Image Loose, comfortable and durable clothing
Image Comfortable shoes: sneakers or hiking boots
Image Jewelry left at home or locked safely in your car
Image Hair tied back so not to get tangled in equipment

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We Design, Facilitate, and Manage Zip Lines Too!

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