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The Tools



Given the choice, would you stay in your comfort zone or venture out to discover new things?

The Comfort Zone

"Comfort Zone" is a concept that many people are familiar with... Ideas associated with the comfort zone include personal space, familiarity, competence, non-threatening, congruence, predictability, relaxation or calmness.

Ideas not linked to the comfort zone are:

  • Growth
  • Change
  • Learning

The challenge and experiences offered by Dagaz Acres Leadership Center are designed to help you discover new parts of yourself and to explore meaning and purpose in new areas of your life.

During the Low Challenge course experiences, you will be given the choice to stay in your comfort zone or venture out to the edge and discover new things. In fact, you will be asked to do many unfamiliar and often difficult things and then asked to reflect on those experiences and share your thoughts and feelings with others.

It is important to note that all of your challenges are by choice!  You will never be forced to undertake any challenge. But should you decide to break out of your comfort zone, you may find yourself breaking through into an area of new awareness, learning and behaviors that will help you in every facet of your life.

dagaz acres low challemge course map
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Team Building and Low Challenge Course is designed to enhance:

Cooperation - Many activities cannot be completed without cooperation from all group members.

Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence - Confronting fears and anxieties and then beating them boosts self-esteem and self-confidence.

Trust, Trustworthiness - Participants must have faith in one another to assist them in many ropes course elements.

Safe Risk-Taking - Participants are encouraged to move beyond their comfort zone in a safe environment. Risks are perceived, rather than actual.

Decision-Making - The group together must decide on which path to follow to achieve the task at hand.

Teamwork - Including communication, sharing, persuading, participating, leading, following, respecting, understanding, encouraging.


  • Open March 1st - October 31st
  • Customized Programs
  • Special pricing for non-profit and youth groups
  • Minimum group is 6 participants
  • Programs for Corporate, Scouts, Youth, and School groups

Call for prices: 812-594-2727
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Family Fun

Zipline Adventures is fun for the whole family!

We have never done anything like this before as a family – Beautiful experience!

Anne, Ellie, Abby, Chris Vondergraf, Alexandria, KY

What to Bring

Image Loose, comfortable and durable clothing
Image Comfortable shoes: sneakers or hiking boots
Image Jewelry left at home or locked safely in your car
Image Hair tied back so not to get tangled in equipment

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We Design, Facilitate, and Manage Zip Lines Too!

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