The Course

We tailor our low challenge course programs to fit every group that attends. Any of our activities can be added to any of our packages. Each initiative can stand alone, be expanded into a full day experience or be combined with any of the other teambuilding adventures.

Spider's Web
Participants must together get everyone through the web without rattling it and disturbing the large sleeping spider. Two people cannot pass through the same hole in the web.

Mohawk Walk
Participants must navigate the narrow up and down wood beam course as either individuals or a group.

Zig Zag
Participants must work as a team to problem-solve the navigation of the entire team from one end of a narrow obstacle to the other with fewer beams than actual course segments.

The Islands
The group uses two boards to go from island to island. The platforms are placed at a specified distance so that, in order to reach the next island, the group must utilize both of the boards. The group must utilize teamwork and communication to get all members and both boards from the starting island to the final island.

The Trolley
Participants must utilize communication and cooperation skills to move the obstacle around the course.

All Aboard
Participants attempt to get their entire team aboard obstacles that gradually decrease in size. Communication, teamwork and problem-solving are put to use.

A teetering board simulates a small boat in which participants must balance without hitting the rocks below. An impossible task without everyone being on the same page.

Trust Fall
An excercise in cooperation and trust to complete your transformational journey from individuals to a team.

High Wall
Participants must together get everyone over the 12’ high wall without the aid of any apparatus. The initiative is complete when every team member completes the task.

Four-Way Traffic Jam
Individuals are tasked with traversing from mutiple obstacles to one another through a single conduit. Participants must work together and problem solve to complete the course successfully.