Team Building Activities for Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts Team Building Outdoor Activity IndianaTeam building activities can help our youth learn about teamwork, cooperation and communication. Among Girl Scouts, these are particularly valuable skills. Team building activities are different than regular activities. These activities cannot be completed without the entire team working together. The facilitator will assist the teams in creating plans, executing tasks allowing them to work together or think about working together, and every activity ends with a debrief. During the debriefing, the facilitator will ask probing questions and elicit responses about the activity and talk about how they can continue to improve with each task.

How can this help my Girl Scout troop?

Regardless of age the versatile activities work well with newly-formed or well-acquainted groups. Such activities teach girls basic cooperative, interpersonal and social skills that have positive effects far beyond the game or the group. So get your Cadet’s together and bring them out to Dagaz Acres Leadership Center for day of fun and learning they will never forget!

Girl Scout Zip Line Adventure outing at Dagaz AcresWhat about our Daisy’s, Brownies and Juniors?

We provide true outdoor activities such as Hiking, Ziplining, Tree, Bird and Fossil Identification, Campfire Cooking and outdoor games that begin to lay the foundations of teamwork and cooperation and well as foster self confidence.

Can our troop stay overnight?

Yes! We offer tent camping opportunities at our facility which includes use of our spacious pavilion/covered picnic grove and large campfire pit. Your troop can experience sleeping under the stars while still having access to electricity, bathrooms, running water and a land line phone.

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