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Who We Work With


Bonding can be fun!

Team "bonding" is a very important process that helps to ensure a close-knit team. A strong cheer squad, Soccer team, or Volleyball Team becomes one in purpose and desire. Encouragement is very important in team bonding. If team members try to motivate one another, everyone will try harder to accomplish team objectives.

Teambuilding games are a fun way to develop cohesiveness. They tear down walls in communications, provide avenues that encourage discussion, and increase productivity. Team building takes time but the end results are well worth it. It is an ongoing process that boosts commitment.

DALC has extensive experience hosting groups of all sizes. Businesses, educational institutions, church groups, Boy Scout and Girls Scout Troops, American Heritage Girls, youth groups, sports teams and other organizations discover what their team members/employees are capable of accomplishing together as a team. (See: Group Packages)

We work with the following types of groups:

  • Private schools
  • Public schools
  • High Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Outdoor Adventure Departments
  • Community Organizations
  • Church groups
  • Businesses
  • Youth Groups
  • Scout troops
  • Athletic teams

Download waiver and leadership center information
for your scout troop or youth group:

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We specialize in
High School Freshman
Orientation Programs
to assist in increased graduation rates

Although high school students socialize with friends and greatly value the opinion of their peers, they also benefit from structured activities designed to refine team skills such as:

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation

Students usually do not know one another very well before coming together as a team. Our orientation program exercises help each member learn about and appreciate their teammates' unique skills.

Team-building exercises have a set beginning and end. The final outcome is a group of cohesive students that accomplish something by working together.

The Challenge Course would be great for my...

Family Fun

Zipline Adventures is fun for the whole family!

We have never done anything like this before as a family – Beautiful experience!

Anne, Ellie, Abby, Chris Vondergraf, Alexandria, KY

What to Bring

Image Loose, comfortable and durable clothing
Image Comfortable shoes: sneakers or hiking boots
Image Jewelry left at home or locked safely in your car
Image Hair tied back so not to get tangled in equipment

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We Design, Facilitate, and Manage Zip Lines Too!

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