DALC Facilities and Benefits


Come with a purpose, and leave with more than you could have imagined!

At Dagaz Acres we have single-day and overnight curriculum for groups exploring educational opportunities in the outdoors. With a philosophy rooted in experiential education, we value the journey as much as the goal. Leadership, trust, education, hard skills instruction with tangible knowledge and adventure are interwoven in every activity we facilitate.

You will learn about:

  • Group values, problem solving tools, listening skills and goal setting
  • Leadership and Team building development
  • Targeted challenges that optimize your team’s effectiveness
  • Taking appropriate risks
  • Stepping outside of the everyday comfort zone in a supportive, healthy environment

You will walk away with:

  • Renewed focus and motivation
  • New skill sets and ambitions
  • New perspective on individual roles in a group setting
  • Ability to relate to peers in both leadership and team scenarios
  • Improved group dynamics, trust and communication
  • Alternative perspectives on and tools for real-life problem solving
  • Heightened interpersonal management skills
  • Positive experience in a natural setting

DALC facilities are equipped to provide the logistical support necessary for group programs to run smoothly including lodging options at local B&B’s and Casinos, food options from local merchants and tent camping for boy scout and girl scout troops.

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