Creating Your Own Website

Are you about to found a company or have you already started your own business? Then one of the most important points for success is the creation of a professional website. Customers are increasingly looking for a product or service on the Internet. Many people get their first impression of your company through your website. But what must a good website contain and how should it look exactly?

What you have to pay attention to when you create a website – from web design to website domain to imprint – and how you can improve the findability of your website with the help of search engine optimization, learn here. You can also get a non-binding quote for a professionally designed website.

Creating a good website: what should you keep in mind?

A website should leave a professional impression especially with founders and start-ups. But many don’t know exactly how to recognize a professional website, how to create a convincing website and what to look out for.

In order for you to get off to a good start, you should consider the following important points in the run-up to creating a website:

Therefore you should create your own website

Hard to believe, but there is still a relatively high number of companies that do not have a website. The entrepreneurs have still not realized the value of an internet presence. A website with a clear goal is enormously important and should not only be regarded as a business card on the Internet. Because a website is meanwhile just as important as telephone or e-mail and thus for each enterprise, independently of the size, a necessity.

The enormous information possibilities of Google and Co. have revolutionized the consumer behavior of us lastingly, which almost screams for a enterprise Website: so already now over half of all search inquiries have an economic background. Because more and more users, who are interested in a product or want to order a service, are getting targeted information in advance on the Internet: What are the alternatives? What do the prices look like? This is exactly where entrepreneurs need to be present in order to do everything for a growing customer base right from the start.

As you can see, without an Internet presence it is possible that your company will not even be included in the selection when potential customers are looking for potential suppliers. And now you can assume that your competitors are increasingly represented on the Internet.

Good reasons for your website

The advantages of having your own website for your company are many and varied. In the following we list the most important advantages for you:

Website as business card on the Internet

Your own website is not only a showpiece, but also a sign of your company. A good website is a kind of virtual business card and the first step towards making contact for interested parties in one. Here you can present yourself, introduce your products or services and publish your contact details. A website shows potential customers what corporate philosophy you live by, what distinguishes you from your competitors and what your competencies are.

Reach and win customers

Recommendation marketing by word of mouth is still the most important and most successful way to win customers and orders. However, today over 80% of Internet users are looking for products and services over the Internet. If you cannot be found on the Internet, you simply do not exist for this target group and cannot be reached.

Maintain and increase your image

Companies that have a timeless Internet presence radiate a modern image to the outside world. This is underlined by an attractively designed and technically good website.

Present references and products/services

Show your customers why they should buy from you and why you stand out from your competitors. References serve to give customers confidence in the company’s services. And this is not where savings should be made. Because with your Website clearly more information can be transported, than this is normally possible with ´klassischen´ means of publicity alone already for cost reasons.

Keeping customers up to date about a website

Companies are also subject to constant change. Whether new products, changed opening hours or a change of location: via the company’s own website you can inform visitors about all news.

The website as an additional sales channel

With a website you also have the opportunity to create a completely new distribution channel for your products, namely through an online shop. In this way you can reach customers worldwide and significantly increase your catchment area.

The website is your cheapest employee

In particular, the fact that you can be reached with a website around the clock cannot be taken care of by any employee. Your shop, for example, is open from Monday to Saturday, while your website is available around the clock, regardless of opening hours.

Reachable worldwide

If you approach it skilfully, your website can be accessible not only in Germany, but all over the world. So you can network with business partners worldwide and reach customers from all over the world. And this at a very reasonable price.

As you can see, a website can mean more than just a business card for your company. Don’t miss these opportunities. In the following sections you will learn how to create your own website and what you should pay attention to.

How to sustainably build your business with a website

In the initial phase of your business start-up, you have to implement a large number of business-relevant things relatively quickly in order to be noticed and taken seriously in the market. In particular, this includes the Internet presence of your new company.

Free website? Possible, but…

A lot of start-ups are now moving with their idea on the Internet. The technical knowledge for a solid Internet presence should undoubtedly be available here. But what about founders who focus on more classical branches and have no in-house programming skills? There are budget-friendly ways to create a corporate website: the open source platform is very popular with startups and self-employed people. After it has been installed and equipped with a template design, the system is relatively easy to use. There is also no shortage of inexpensive individual designs.

First and foremost, however, WordPress is a blog and not a company website. To turn it into a corporate website, it is necessary to install a number of plug-ins. To keep the installation safe, regular updates on the server are necessary. If you have the necessary curiosity, you can certainly acquire this knowledge and thus open up a very wide range of possibilities. When setting up the platform for the first time, you can – or ideally should – commission a service provider. For larger corporate websites, we recommend using a proven content management system such as Typo3.

Basically it should be noted that it is possible to create a free website. However, a certain technical know-how is necessary. It is therefore often advisable to commission an agency. As an alternative, there are now numerous website construction kits, some of which also offer free variants.